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    When you finish a show on Netflix

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    FACT OF THE DAY:  mars is called the red planet because during the cold war it sided with the communists

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  6. "It’s on netflix"

    - A crucial component of any recommendation  (via gingerthon)
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    my health teacher has a sign in her room that says ‘if you cant handle the word vagina, then you shouldnt have your penis in one’

    i wonder if my health teacher knows that shes tumblr famous 

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    Thank you Bathtub Barracuda.

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    send help

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I tried to shame him for eating all my shoes. I’m not sure what I expected.


    I tried to shame him for eating all my shoes. I’m not sure what I expected.

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    why does facebook chat only work when my message contains the words Mark Zuckerburg right now



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    My best friend sent me this tutorial of her doing her eyebrows and I thought you all would find it useful xoxo

    Im dead

    this is amazing

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    Seeing people the same age as you doing awesome things with their lifeimage

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